What Charities say about their situation

One in five UK charities are struggling to survive* They are stretched thin by rising demand, declining funds, and expensive fundraising costs.
Change4Charities wants to help you save on your monthly bills, and help charities raise money.
*Source: ACEVO report 2017, M&G Investments report 2018

What is Change4Charities

Save money, save the world

Change4Charities is a free-to-use UK online price-saving comparison service that helps you find and switch to a new Broadband, Mobile and Energy provider.

When you switch with Change4Charities, you’ll also raise money for any of the 200,000 UK charities of choice.

Who is Change4Charities for?


Giving back to society starts from you. With Change4Charities, you can help out a good cause in a meaningful way for free, while saving on your monthly utility fees.

Our easy-to-use platform lets you compare prices across hundreds of providers, so you’ll always find the best deal in town.

Your Charity

For too long, UK charities have been struggling to raise funds for their cause, thanks to rising demand and high fundraising costs.

Change4Charities aims to be a reliable income source for charities, so they don’t need to struggle to survive.

How We Work

  • We keep funding simple and fun

    • Change4Charities is designed to be easy fun and free.
    • You can choose any charity of your choice and switch between all major utility providers.
    • You can switch straight away or tell us about any utilities that you may want to switch in the future and we will remind you when it is time to switch.
    • Soon we will be expanding to include financial services too!
  • We are open and transparent

    • No faffing around comparing for the cheapest plans. Save time on price-shopping for the best deal in town.
    • We don’t sneak in any hidden fees either. You’ll get completely transparent prices and know exactly how much your new contract will cost you.
    • We’ll always let you know exactly how much money is going to your charity.
  • We are not profit-driven

    • Switching your service plan through us lets us receive a commission fee from your provider as a form of ‘thank you’.
    • Instead of keeping all the fees for ourselves, we donate 50% or more to charitable causes. Any of the 200,000 UK-registered charities can receive these donations.
    • We keep the rest of the fees only to fund our operational costs.
  • We only make your providers foot the bill

    • You don’t need to pay anything to use our service.
    • Charities pay nothing to receive our donations either.
    • By using Change4Charities, you are helping us to make a difference to our world. Everybody wins!

The Change4Charities story

  • When my grandfather was ill with cancer, it was a trying times for my family. Fortunately, a number of charities reached out to us during these tough times. While it was a painful experience to see him lose his battle to cancer, we also were incredibly grateful for the help these charities have given us.
  • However, I was shocked by how many of these charities struggle to make ends meet, mostly due to lack of funds and a growing demand for their services.
  • Even if a charity raises a large sum of money from their fundraising event, they rarely receive the full amount because most of the donations were used to pay the fundraisers.
  • So I sought for a solution that can solve this issue for charities; to give them an avenue of consistent income so they can help others. In 2015, I started looking into price comparison services in the UK.
  • I learnt that none of main price comparison sites were were contributing anything significant to help deserving charitable organizations. That was when the lightbulb moment came to me: What if there’s a way to build a price comparison site that can help both customers AND charities. And so Change4Charities was born.
  • Since 2016, we have been building upon that original idea and haven’t looked back since.
  • Murray Dare – Founder and CEO

Ready to switch and raise for Charity

Get started today – It only takes a few seconds to set up your account and start raising money for your favourite Charity!

Our Team

Some of the key people behind all the hard work Change4Charities does.

What people say about us

  • For Charities

    Murray Dare

    C4C is a great easy way to raise money for fantastic causes who really need the help. They are really doing business differently.

    Megan Shearer
    Company Secretary – Polka Daycare
  • For Customers

    Mark Richarson

    I managed to raise £45 for Charity, whilst moving to a better broadband deal. Name me someone else who can do that!

    Thomas F

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