Who is The British Red Cross?

The British Red Cross is the national arm of the international charity organisation Red Cross. Focusing on UK territories, the organisation responds by providing humanitarian aid and support in conflicted and disaster-ridden areas. It also has programs for impoverished communities and individual emergencies. The British Red Cross also focuses on preventative efforts to help prepare for and withstand upcoming calamities.

The organisation also offers knowledge programs such as first aid training and providing health and social care to elderly and disabled individuals. It is also a body that lobbies to influence government decisions to ensure that its budget for crisis response is not compromised.


Exclusively working for the UK, the British Red Cross is the local body of the international aid organisation Red Cross. It originated from Switzerland when Henry Durant, a businessman, wanted to provide injury and care support for his community, which led to the formation of The Red Cross.

Throughout history, it has played a huge role in saving lives. It had taken part in providing manpower, supplies and other resources during the First and Second World War. During peacetime, it advocated understanding the mental and physical health of war veterans as well as those who had suffered poverty and work fatigue.

Nowadays, it operates in all UK territories and the rest of the world providing aid and giving malady-ridden communities a chance at having a better and stable life.

Roles and Contributions

The British Red Cross endeavours to improve the health and lifestyle of the impoverished and underprivileged of the United Kingdom. It aims to educate the public on providing first aid education. According to the organisation’s studies, 59 percent of deaths in the United Kingdom could have been prevented by someone with first aid knowledge.

In different areas of the United Kingdom, the British Red Cross has an “annual preparedness week” helping the underprivileged in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales to prepare for possible disasters or conflicts that may arise. Currently, the organisation is pushing local governments to establish an emergency response programme.

Connected With The Internationally-Renowned Red Cross

The British Red Cross is the local working arm of the International Red Cross. As part of the bigger umbrella organization, its mission-vision and values work towards the betterment of impoverished communities and preparedness and recovery for conflict and disaster-ridden areas.

The organisation also takes part in international initiatives and sends volunteers to supplement programmes worldwide. Aid volunteers from overseas also arrive in the United Kingdom to provide expert knowledge to improve communications and interactions with immigrant communities in need of aid implemented through culturally-sensitive methods.

Meanwhile, it focuses on providing medical knowledge such as the provision of basic first aid and providing health care and support to individuals who may suffer from physical or mental disabilities through grants.

Focuses on Supporting The Needful in the UK

The British Red Cross’ efforts focus on helping the most impoverished and troubled areas of the United Kingdom from Northern England to Scotland and Wales. It focuses on improving the quality of life and reducing the effects of calamities and conflicts through the provision of humanitarian aid. Its lobby efforts urge local governments to enact legislation that ensures the progressive living standards of the impoverished in the United Kingdom.

The UK, even as a first-world country, has its share of underprivileged, abused, and individuals without access to medical aid and knowledge that can improve the quality of their lives. The British Red Cross focuses on minimizing and ultimately eradicating these through charity works nationwide and worldwide.

How to Get Involved

Red Cross Week

Red Cross Week allows you to feature the works of the British Red Cross and its global counterparts in your high-traffic website. The feature allows the charity work and efforts of the British Red Cross to inspire and create traction within individuals who wish to make a difference in the world through a simple donation or through volunteer work.

Volunteer Work

Any professionals with experience in any field can contribute to the British Red Cross’ efforts. Volunteers can help from managing the organisation’s charity shops to participating in aid provision and logistics efforts nationwide and even all over the world.

Marathons, Social Events and Lotteries

You can participate in the British Red Cross marathons. You can also participate in the charity’s organised skydiving. If you’re not about athleticism, then you can attend social mixer events from coffee mornings, ballroom dancing, tea afternoons, and full-fledged prom-style galas and dinners. Calmer alternatives also include walking in luxurious private gardens in the UK in exchange for a small charity donation complete with barbecues! Helping is fun, indeed.

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