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    Pick from hundreds of charities such as animals, sport or disability.

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    With all the big providers available, choose the best utility deal for you.

  • Sit Back And Raise Money For Charity

    We get paid by the provider. We then donate to your chosen charity.

Change4Charities Is A Utility Price Comparision Site With A Difference.

Change4Charities allows you to compare the latest utility packages across a whole range of utility service providers to find the best deal for you. When you switch providers with us, we will donate money to the charities which matter to you.

Change4Charities is a business that cares about the future and helping others at the same time.

Our main focus is to help our customers to get the best possible utility deals they can get. We speak to hundreds of utility suppliers to bring you the latest deals across broadband, mobile and energy service providers.

We also see ourselves as a responsible company with strong ethics. We therefore choose to donate half of our revenue from each utility switch to helping causes that matter to our customers so we can make the difference and support the things that really matter.

What We Do?

We compare providers across a range of utilities and services, such as broadband, TV, energy, phone packages and much more. Our website is simple and easy to use so our customers can quickly compare a range of products and services and chooses the best one to suit their needs.

We look at a whole host of comparators and include many providers so that we can help our customers find the best deal. We try to make our website as easy to use as possible, allowing you to search across providers and sort by the criteria that matter to you, whether that is the cost, the contract length or the donation amount that is aligned to each provider.

When you choose to switch utility providers with our website, we will donate half of our revenue to a charity that is selected by you. We currently have an extensive list of charities on our website that you can donate to, but we want to keep growing our list. If you can’t find a charity close to your heart on our list, then get in touch so we can add your chosen charity to our collection of good causes.

We Support Great Charities

We are a supporter of charities, and we truly want to make a difference to our planet, but we are not a charity nor are we a non-profit organisation, and we don’t pretend to be.

Charities need consistent funding to continue their great work. Change4Charities provides a roadmap to achieving this funding.

When a customer switches service provider through Change4Charities, we are paid a commission by the service provider. We donate half of our commission to charities, of which our customers choose. The other half is spent running the business so that we can improve our offering and help to improve our service.

Giving Our Customers Choice

We compare a broad range of utility providers so our customers can choose the best service for them. With this in mind, it’s only fair that our customers get to choose what charity they would like to donate to.

We offer a whole host of charities that spans all interests and covers a range of local charities right through to international aid organisations. Change4Charities wants to help as many charities as possible, so we are keen for our customers to get in touch and tell us which causes really matter to them.

Change4Charities believes this is the way to do business, allowing our customers to get the best deal and allowing charities to benefit from much-needed donations. That way, everyone wins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Become the brand you want to be

Change4Charities is an online price comparison website service that helps you find and switch to new Broadband, Mobile and Energy providers to ensure you save moneyon your monthly bills whenever you switch utility plans.

When you do a switch with us, you also raise money for your chosen charity at the same time. We always donate at least half of the money we earn to your chosen charity.

Every time you switch your utilities plan using the Change4Charities platform, your new provider sends Change4Charities a commission fee to us.

It works just like a referral program that you find on Amazon or any other e-commerce store.

Here is where Change4Charities is different. Unlike most price comparison sites, We don’t keep the full commission fee for ourselves

Instead, we donate 50% or more to one of the 200,000 UK registered charities and keep the rest for our operational costs.

The process is entirely free-of-charge for you as the consumer, and for the charities receiving the donations. We see this as a win-win for all involved.

We support over 200,000 UK charities including various social, medical and environmental causes. You can see the full list of charities by looking at our Charities directory.

If you don’t see your favourite charity, or if you wish to register your charity with Change4Charities, please tell them to get in touch to set up a Charity fundraising account with us.

Yes, you can. We try to keep our directory as updated as we can. But due to the overwhelming number of charitable organisations across the UK, we may out miss some of them.

If the charity is registered in the UK, but not listed on site, tell us and we will contact the Charity directly to make the donation.

Subsequently, we will try and get them to register their details to make facilitate future donations.

The funds we raise come from your service provider, who gives Change4Charities a commission fee for referring you to them.

For us to keep our lights on, Change4Charities needs income. Examples of operation costs include our website server fees, employees’ salaries, and our outreach advertising campaigns.

Hence, we collect income from the rest of the commission that we receive from service providers.

No. You will pay the same price as everybody else, just like you would if you switch directly from your current service providers. There is no difference between us and many other price comparison sites in the market.

You can check the status of your donations from your dashboard, so they can see what donations are pending and which have been paid.

We will also send you a receipt via email to let you keep track of every transaction.

Please email our support team, and we will be glad to help you.

We are transparent

Change4Charities is 100% free to use for both consumers and good causes alike, with zero catches.

Our focus is on social change

Our main focus is to raise funds for charities that deserve financial assistance, not personal profit

Change4Charities aims to raise £1,000,000,000 to charities across the UK.

We are not owned by shareholders

Change4Charities want to raise money for the public good, rather to line our pockets.

Our priorities will always be about you and our charities, rather than anybody else’s bottom line.

According to the Charities Advisory, some of these ‘good causes’ UK businesses (such as Christmas card stockists) give away only 5% of their cards' profits to charities, with some as low as 1.1%.

You’re better off buying some cheap greeting cards, then donate the difference.

Even Visa cards such as Greenpeace, Save the Children, and Christian Aid Visa cards pay £15 to charities when they first launched, but then it drops to a measly 25p for every £100 spent.

Some fundraising sites even charge hidden fees for charities to access these funds, making it difficult for charities to raise funds consistently without incurring excessive costs.

At Change4Charities, we want to do charitable fundraising the ethical way – by raising as much money as we can without any profiteering.

When it comes to giving, we want to be as generous as we can get.

Our honest approach to this business model helps to ensure that no organisation gets left behind, and every cause receives the funding they deserve.

As a lean startup, our main way of growing is through word-of-mouth from our customers.

You can help raise more money by telling your friends and family about us. The more people switch utilities with Change4Charities, the more we can raise.

From your dashboard, you can see several ways you can spread the love, for every new donator we get, we will also make a donation to your chosen charity as our way of saying thanks.

At Change4Charities we want to help society on two fronts:

A. Customers

Change4Charities is for end users who want to assist their favourite charity in a meaningful way, while saving money on their utility bills.

B. Charities

For too long, many UK charities have been getting the raw end of the deal when raising funds, thanks to unfair hidden fees and the lack of promotion.

Change4Charities is built to help these charitable organisations raise free funds in a transparent way to help focus Charities efforts to impacting positive change rather than having to focus on fundraising.

We also aim to be a reliable source or recurring revenue for Charites, which makes it easier for them to plan for the long term.

Absolutely. Login and delete your dashboard and delete your account from there. If you want to change your email preferences, you can also do that within your account.

Please note that your cancellation with Change4Charities does not cancel your plan with your service provider. Contact your provider’s customer service for assistance on this matter.

Change4Charities scours the UK market and compares everyone’s prices for you, based on your location and usage. We include everyone we can to give you as much choice as possible.

All the offers on the site are updated automatically, so you won’t need to lift a finger to understand the offers available.

At the moment, we only allow donations to be made to UK registered charities.

Change4Charities manually vets each charity before they are listed in our directory.

Our vetting process includes contacting charity representatives directly, carrying out diligence checks on charity websites and social media channels, and cross-checking our data across official governmental databases.

In the event these measures fail to prevent the approval of a charity that is subsequently discovered to be fraudulent, Change4Charities will carry out a thorough investigation.

We treat all fraud cases seriously and will take all necessary steps following an investigation, including reporting directly to the relevant charity commission and other relevant authorities such as Action Fraud.

If any donations are retained or recovered by Change4Charities dure to fraud, we will contact all parties involved and return the funds to their rightful place.

Yes. You can join Change4Charities even if your contract hasn’t expired.

Change4Charities will help you source for a new deal approximately 49 days before your contract is up so that you won’t be charged any termination fees.

You can change providers even if you are in contract, but you will be liable for your current suppliers cancelation costs if they have them. Please contact your provider’s customer’s service should you need assistance.

No. Change4Charities is independent from any UK utility service provider, so all contracts and liable costs are part of the transition between your new and current supplier.

If you have any disputes (such as billing issues and discrepancies), please contact your provider’s customer service for assistance.

No. You shouldn’t be cut off when we switch you over to your new provider. Your switch should normally happen on the same day your current supplier contract expires so you will experience a seamless transition.

You can submit your renewal dates to us from the Change4Charities user panel. When your plan is about to expire, Change4Charities will send you an email to remind you before the date.

Depending on the supplier, they may or may not inform you before they renew your contract so we recommend that you tell us about your deal as soon as you have switched so you don’t have to think about it when its next time to switch.

No. Your new supplier will contact both your old supplier on your behalf and transfer your account.

They will also arrange the ‘go-live’ date for you so you won’t be charged by both parties at the same time. The whole process is usually seamless.

All you need to do is to settle your final bill or any outstanding fees.

Our privacy policy outlines how Change4Charities may share your personal data.

If consent is given, we may share your data with the charity that you’re supporting.

If you submit a customer query or a claim through Change4Charities, we may share your data with the provider involved for the sole purpose of investigating the query or claim.

Also, like most websites, we use various analytical and marketing tools to monitor how the website is used and advertise our services, such as Google Analytics and Facebook.

Based on GDPR policies, they are ‘Data Processors’ rather than a ‘Data Controller’, which means they process the data anonymously for Change4Charities, and they don’t own the data or use any of your personal data for their own purposes.

We do not share data with any third parties without permission. You will have to provide concent to provide any data to third parties, including Charities.

What people say about us

  • For Charities

    Murray Dare

    C4C is a great easy way to raise money for fantastic causes who really need the help. They are really doing business differently.

    Megan Shearer
    Company Secretary – Polka Daycare
  • For Customers

    Mark Richarson

    I managed to raise £45 for Charity, whilst moving to a better broadband deal. Name me someone else who can do that!

    Thomas F

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