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Who are Mencap?

Mencap is a charity organisation focused on providing a voice for individuals with learning disabilities. The objective is to give these disadvantaged individuals a chance at a better life through government policies and social efforts that enable them to take part in a society. Mencap does this through special educational efforts focused on giving people the ability to be self-reliant

Aside from its goal to help individuals with learning disabilities, Mencap also wishes to improve the life families affected bylearning disabilities by teaming up with 400 local groups to reach people all over England, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

The organisation also provides financial and educational support for the individual’s families and funds research involving learning and mental disabilities.

Mencap’s Vision

Mencap states that it wants to create an objective, measurable improvement to social perspectives towards individuals with learning disabilities. Another is its wish to improve disadvantaged individual’s lives.

Mencap aims to see an increase in learning disability academic research and activities to help improve the lives of learning-disadvantaged individuals. Its efforts also focus on improving preventative efforts which allow organisations to help families with learning-disabled younger children to rehabilitate and give them a better chance of succeeding in the future.

Mencap also lobbies its policies to help create public awareness and urge the government to create policies in favour of improving the quality of learning-disadvantaged people’s lives.

Roles and Contributions

Mencap’s efforts clearly indicate its wishes to promote inclusion of learning-disabled individuals by creating a space for them in terms of social acceptance, employment, self-sustenance, and access to a better life in the present and upon the twilight of their lives.

The organisation is also capable of providing round-the-clock care for families under its watch. It also has volunteers that help people with local activities or put on events to raise funds for Mencap

Aside from its government lobbying efforts, Mencap also has a learning disability helpline that offers help to families that need more knowledge about learning-disabled individuals.

Learning Disability Support

An entire department of customer service agents are available round-the-clock to provide help and support, and even physical assistance where needed. Aside from providing free consultation, the organisation focuses its efforts on providing financial assistance for families with learning-troubled individuals.

Mencap has a host of programs that help rehabilitate and in its own way allow the individual to use their intellect to create something productive. Its programs are aligned to existing government policies (and possible future ones) to ensure the individuals they campaign for have a space to work and a right to have a better life not limited by traditional employment opportunities.

Mental Disease Research

Mental disease is a big problem for the rest of the world, not just the UK. In the United Kingdom, infants and adults beyond the age of 30 and above 60 can suffer from learning disabilities. Mencap’s efforts focus on improving the quality of life for these mentally-challenged individuals so they have a chance to participate in society, form friendships, have their own employment and stand up on their own.

The organisation’s research has unveiled that people with learning disabilities value friendships very highly. Unfortunately, their friendships are only few and far between. Research also unveiled that individuals with learning impairments extremely lonely. Developing and maintaining friendships can really boost mental states and Mencap try to encourage as many interactions with people as possible in order to overcome this loneliness.

How You Can Help

Participate in Events

Mencap hosts annual marathons that include running, biking, swimming, and other athletic activities.

Registering, paying and running is not only fun and good for your body, but it also helps learning-impaired people through knowledge, programmes, and continued financing by Mencap to ensure they can live fully happy as the rest of the people of earth. You can feel good as you run.

The organisation also hosts events for athletes with special disabilities, further improving the spirit of helping learning-disabled individuals’ motivations by giving them a chance to participate in sports and become athletic and healthy.

Mencap Lottery and New Year Raffle

Mencap has a Weekly Lottery that takes place every week. Results are posted every Sunday. All entries’ figures are pre-selected and you can pay for two entries each draw. You can potentially win £1,000 weekly if you’re the lucky person picked for the week.

Meanwhile, you can also join the annual New Year Raffle, which guarantees a £8,000 jackpot prize to one lucky winner. All raffle figures are once again pre-selected and you can buy only two entries.
Both draws only cost £1 per entry and there are multiple prize tiers in the New Year Raffle.

Make a One-Off Donation

It does take some time to execute programs for any charity, which is making a one-off donation is a great way to help people with learning disabilities in the UK.

According to Mencap, a donation of £10 can provide two calls to families that need learning disability advice. Meanwhile, £15 can help families provide sensory stories and equipment that enables their children to communicate with them. The biggest one-off donation of £40 can help support workers provide help for infants and younger children below 5 for one afternoon.

Make a donation via Willdiffer

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