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Compare mobile phones by manufacturer

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Change4charities Mobile Phones is the UK's No.1 mobile phone comparison website.

With the hundreds of thousands of smartphone contracts, you can find nowadays, it can be difficult to find the one that best suits you. Change4Charities helps you find ones that truly cut through the noise. We do the price comparisons for smartphone contracts or SIM-only deals to save your time and money in finding the most suitable service just for you.

As a customer-centered service, we focus only on providing products and services that add more value. We help you find the deals that allow you to find the perfect smartphone or service that gives you near-unlimited data downloads. If you only need a new service provider, our services can help you find the best ones out there.

To help you find the best option for your phone or service needs, we negotiate to bring down the prices of exclusive Change4Charities deals. Our time-limited offers give you prices that you won't find anywhere else. In fact, half the amount of each option you use with us goes to charity.

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Comparison tools and tables

Which service would work best for you? Unlimited text messaging to all networks? Love your phone and a SIM-only deal would do you the most good? How about a new smartphone with 4G LTE capabilities? Want an installment deal on your new smartphone?

We've got everything you need. Our simplified facilities allow you to factor in your budget and every type of smartphone contract you need.

All you need to do is filter the results to find the deal you are looking for. Search for items based on monthly cost, length of contract or network exclusivity for your devices, and smartphone capabilities.

We can help you buy from your preferred vendor or device network in an instant! The good news is, you are also doing charity work because half of our profits go to your selected charity organizations.

Mobile phone news

We stay on top of the newest mobile phone releases and deals about the upcoming smartphones of renowned manufacturers worldwide. We bring you the best inside scoop, rumors, and great guides to maximize your smartphone experience for any model we find. In fact, we have reviews that can help you make an informed decision when buying a new phone!

aside from our instructional guides and tech news, we also bring you news about the freshest promotions from local networks. We even publish updates about possible network interruptions and coverage upgrades from any location.

Along with our limited time offers, we also show you the newest sales and price reductions for mobile phone devices to help you get the best bang for your buck. The best part is, half the price of a good deal you purchased will go to your selected charity.

How does change4charities make money?

Change4charities strives to give you the best deals when it comes to smartphone services. Indeed, we work with our partners to maximize each purchase you make with us. However, our partnership with them helps guarantee we bring our customers the best comparison service with useful results that can help them make an informed decision. In fact, working with our partners helps us make your switching process from one provider to another the fastest it can possibly be.

How do you determine the order of deals in your comparison tables?

Every day we categorize thousands of deals that arrive in our networks. Using a special algorithm, we find the best performing, popular, or greatest deal that provides excellent value to our users. These "featured deals" we select based on their usefulness while considering the cost.

What you pay for them is a fair price despite being a bit more expensive. However, if you review these offers, you'll find that you are actually paying less for a premium service. In fact, some of the amounts you pay go to your supported charity groups. As an added-value service for our users, we even allow you to filter these deals per cost. You can even apply filters to find the deal that best suits your lifestyle.

Why are some networks not represented in change4charities’s comparison tables?

Change4charities has thousands of service providers that offer their services to customers. While it is possible to list each one of them, not all of them are performing excellently. We want to make sure we only offer the best services to our customers. All the networks published here have excellent service records, including some reputable virtual networks.

We make sure that all our service providers are worth your money. After all, customer satisfaction is our aim.

What's a 'uSwitch exclusive' deal and how does it differ?

When you're looking through our mobile comparison tables you may see a deal marked as 'uSwitch exclusive'. This means that it features a substantial discount or is bundled with a free voucher and that the retailer has listed this particular deal exclusively on uSwitch. You won’t find it anywhere else.

To secure exclusive, money-saving offers for our customers, we negotiate extensively with our full range of partners. Not only does this generate competition between retailers, but it ensures that our customers are offered some of the UK's leading mobile phone deals and tariffs.

What's a ‘change4charities Exclusive' deal and how does it differ?

If you've found a "change4charities exclusive" deal, then you have an amazing deal that includes an immense discount or a free voucher that lessens the price of a complementary product. The best thing about it is, if you register an account, you can get the deal quickly from us, too. You won't find it anywhere else!

Our deals are part of our work to bring you excellent, value-for-money deals. Half the price you pay also goes to your supported charity groups, which means you are also giving while gaining benefits for yourself. We negotiate with our service providers to create great competition that improves customer benefits or drives down prices. Cheaper does not always create a product of excellent quality. Our focus is to provide you an excellent experience that is worth the price you pay for.

What is a change4charities ‘featured' deal?

We also prioritize deals and include them in our "featured" section. In the same way, we organize the deals available in our site, featured Change4Charities deals are all about giving you more value for money. They might have higher prices, but the idea of contributing to charity and enjoying the excellent services you receive makes it feel the price you pay is a bargain.

Mobile phone guides

If you want to maximize your data service or the other features of your selected offer, then we have the guides just for you. Our guides help you calculate the costs of using a particular service, the possible updates of your specific smartphone model, and the new features you might possibly receive for using a particular smartphone contract.

There's no difficult jargon. There are only answers to your questions and more information about smartphones that can help you have better insight about your purchasing decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Change4Charities is an online price comparison website service that helps you find and switch to new Broadband, Mobile and Energy providers to ensure you save moneyon your monthly bills whenever you switch utility plans.When you do a switch with us, you also raise money for your chosen charity at the same time. We always donate at least half of the money we earn to your chosen charity.

Every time you switch your utilities plan using the Change4Charities platform, your new provider sends Change4Charities a commission fee to us.It works just like a referral program that you find on Amazon or any other e-commerce store.Here is where Change4Charities is different. Unlike most price comparison sites, We don’t keep the full commission fee for ourselves instead, we donate 50% or more to one of the 200,000 UK registered charities and keep the rest for our operational costs.The process is entirely free-of-charge for you as the consumer, and for the charities receiving the donations. We see this as a win-win for all involved.

We support over 200,000 UK charities including various social, medical and environmental causes. You can see the full list of charities by looking at our Charities directory.

If you don’t see your favourite charity, or if you wish to register your charity with Change4Charities, please tell them to get in touch to set up a Charity fundraising account with us.

Yes, you can. We try to keep our directory as updated as we can. But due to the overwhelming number of charitable organisations across the UK, we may out miss some of them.

If the charity is registered in the UK, but not listed on site, tell us and we will contact the Charity directly to make the donation.Subsequently, we will try and get them to register their details to make facilitate future donations.

The funds we raise come from your service provider, who gives Change4Charities a commission fee for referring you to them.For us to keep our lights on, Change4Charities needs income. Examples of operation costs include our website server fees, employees’ salaries, and our outreach advertising campaigns.

Hence, we collect income from the rest of the commission that we receive from service providers.

Change4Charities scours the UK market and compares everyone’s prices for you, based on your location and usage. We include everyone we can to give you as much choice as possible.

All the offers on the site are updated automatically, so you won’t need to lift a finger to understand the offers available.

No. Change4Charities is independent from any UK utility service provider, so all contracts and liable costs are part of the transition between your new and current supplier.If you have any disputes (such as billing issues and discrepancies), please contact your provider’s customer service for assistance.