Sir William Harry established the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) on February 28, 1823. Its goal was to become a service dedicated to saving imperilled lives at sea through volunteer lifeguard and coastguard training. For almost 200 years, the institution has saved 140,000 lives by training volunteers and supplying them with state-of-the-art seafaring and marine rescue equipment.

Public donations have empowered RNLI ever since its creation. According to the institution, drowning is a silent epidemic that claims 360,000 lives yearly. Aside from serving as UK’s national lifeguards, the RNLI focuses on educating and preparing communities at risk of flooding and those situated near shorelines to help them have a chance at surviving.

Mission and Vision

The RNLI was established in 1823. Sir William Harry appealed to the public that communities living near shorelines are at risk of drowning. He asked for the creation of a dedicated group of volunteers to monitor and patrol British shorelines to reduce the number of incidents caused by flooding and sudden sea surges. Thus the RNLI was born.

Since then, the organisation has trained volunteers with its experienced lifeguards. Continuous donations gave the institution resources to have better equipment and training facilities, allowing it to become one of the most active charities in the country with efforts spreading across the entire world.

Roles and Contributions

The RNLI’s role is to make sure the UK’s communities at risk of shoreline and flood drowning are given the education to give them a better chance at surviving future ordeals at sea or elevated water flooding. The organisation’s efforts also extend into UK’s classrooms with educational programs designed for children aged 3-11 and 11-18. The programs also have hands-on training exercises handled by RNLI’s professional lifeguards.

RNLI’s program ranges from providing basic CPR to first aid. Swimming lessons for survival, including breathing exercises, the RNLI also provides.

The Lifeguards Protecting British Shores and Beaches

Since 1824, the lifeguards of RNLI are patrolling the beaches and shorelines of Britain. These volunteers are well-trained and equipped to ensure the safety of beachgoers to night-time strollers in case of strong currents and sudden flooding. With the help of volunteers and donors, the RNLI ensures that drowning will stop becoming an epidemic in the United Kingdom.

Aside from physically protecting the UK’s at-risk communities, they also provide free education and hands-on exercises to educate people on surviving possible drown-risk situations such as flooding or elevated water levels. The RNLI also provides sea survival education to improve the chances of anyone who find themselves in deep waters.

Training Lifesavers For More Than 100 Years

It has been 100 years since Sir William Harry called for the public’s help in reducing the drowning incidents plaguing the shorelines and beaches of the United Kingdom. Today, with better survival, environmental, and technical knowledge, the institution continues its legacy by training volunteers patrolling the UK’s shores to respond quickly to drowning victims, educate at-risk communities, and respond quickly to incidents where possible.

The donations the public makes allow them to save a hundred lives per day. The RNLI’s efforts also extend to classroom education and actual exercises to train children and young adults, giving them better chances at surviving deep water incidents.

How to Get Involved

Create an Event

If you can host a community or company marathon dedicated to the RNLI, then they can help you with the organisation and promotion of your event. The RNLI has hosted a great number of marathons and skydiving events to raise funding for its endeavours. In fact, just doing a simple bake sale helps their efforts greatly.

In case you have a great idea to raise funds the for RNLI, then you can contact them directly. In fact, they have great ideas in their own homepage. As for the clerical planning and paperwork, they have a guide ready for you, too.

Train and Become a Volunteer Lifeguard

You might not have superpowers, but you have something special: you’re capable of anything. You can be part of the RNLI’s specialist lifeguards patrolling the beaches and shorelines of Britain. You will be trained in sea rescues through physical and mental training. Training as a volunteer lifeguard also gives you a chance to learn about proper drowning victim care and utilising special equipment to aid your rescue efforts.

Make a Small Donation

You can choose to make a one-off donation for just £20 or pay the same amount monthly if you feel strongly about the RNLI’s goals and objectives. A simple £20 donation helps rescue 23 people per day while it equips about 6,000 lifesavers with the right knowledge and equipment yearly.

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