Who are save the children

Who Are Save The Children UK?         

Save The Children dedicates its charity efforts to providing the basic necessities of children in areas where war and economic breakdown had shattered the lives of the most vulnerable during times of calamity. The charity dedicates itself to doing whatever it takes to provide humanitarian aid for children by raising funds via events, bake-offs, marathons, and using celebrity ambassadors to promote their cause.

Willdiffer is proud to allocate great resources to aid Save The Children’s efforts for every customer that uses our services. Get to know more about this Save The Children by reading on.

How did Save The Children come to be?

Save The Children began after the United Nations predecessor the League of Nations established itself after the First World War. As with any conflict of this scale, the world was left poorer after WW1. The most vulnerable peoples of the time, children, were no exception.

Malnutrition was common, especially on the losing side of the war. German and Austrian cities found hundreds of children hungry as a direct result of losing the war.


Roles and Contributions

Since the 1920s, Save the Children have been creating soup kitchen missions to help feed children. They raised funds from two shillings (small cents of a pound sterling during the time) to £10,000. During its first year, their founders Jebb and Buxton helped children in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Hungary, the Balkans, and even Armenian refugees.

By 2016, the movement had helped over 22 million children worldwide from human trafficking and exploitation, neglect, and injustice. The organisation continues to run programmes focused on improving the health and education of children in different parts of the world.

Aside from its action centres established worldwide, Save the Children also focuses on creating policies to ensure the passage of humanitarian aid for children in conflict-ridden areas.

Protecting The Rights Of Every Child Since 1920

From helping the European children have something to eat and helping refugees of the first global conflict to aiding the most vulnerable in the world’s conflicted parts, Save the Children does not falter in helping children and impoverished families recognise their dignity and right as human beings to stand up for themselves to receive necessities that every human deserves.

Since 1920, the organisation has stretched its efforts to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. From Asia to Europe, the charity has hundreds of centres worldwide. Each centre focuses on defending children from predators, exploiters, traffickers, and from poverty itself.

Policy-Making Directed To Improving Children’s Rights Worldwide

Using research to produce fact-based evidence to support their children’s right and humanitarian passage policies, the organisation has helped create new bills and laws that provide exceptional legal support and protection for children in the most vulnerable parts where human rights are unequal.

Most of the policies push for equal rights to education for impoverished areas including Africa and the Middle East. Their objectives for new bills also focus on unobstructed passage of humanitarian aid to provide help for the victims of each side of every conflict.

Their policies and stature as a globally recognised children’s rights charity have helped them respond to dozens of emergencies as quickly as possible.

How To Get Involved

Aside from using Willdiffer’s services to donate a part of your payment to a charity, you can also get directly involved with Save The Children’s efforts on your own volition. Here are a few ways how.

Sponsor a Child

Save the Children allows you to make a monthly or one-time donation amount starting from £5 – £15 or £25-£75 respectively. In fact, you can set your own donation amount to how much you would like to contribute to a single child.

Join an Event Or Host One!

Save The Children thrives on creating awareness events where people’s spending goes directly to their efforts to provide care and humanitarian necessities to children and families affected by war and economic breakdown. In fact, you can host your own fundraiser at will. Save The Children’s regional managers can help you create focus and make the event fun for everyone involved!

Buy a Charity Gift

Lastly, you can also buy a charity gift from one of many of Save The Children’s shops. These include products made by the children themselves alongside clothes, dvds and books.

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