Who are action for children?

Action for Children’s objective is to give children who are at risk of abuse, trafficking, and other troubles a better life in the country. Its focus is to intervene and provide care for children through organised adoption and volunteer work. The funding they receive goes directly to their efforts to provide disadvantaged children basic human needs until they reach the age of 20 or until they are adopted.

The Action for Children charity organisation was established in the 70s. It speaks for the rights of disadvantaged children, provides financial and professional support for physically and mentally disabled minors and their families, and intervenes in any form of abuse the children may experience in their very home.

Mission / Vision

Action for Children believes that the best way to change the fate of children in trouble is to provide support in any form, improve their rights and raise government awareness about children’s plight, and to stop any form of abuse, neglect, and trafficking activities through policy lobbying, research, and volunteer work.

The organisation’s goal is to ensure each child can live to their full potential by encouraging the continuous development and government support for social care and anti-poverty projects. It also raises awareness about disabled children and their struggles along with their family. It works in conjunction with another charity organisation: the Alliance for Children in Care.

Roles and Contributions

Action for Children has vociferously spoken out about the early intervention service funding cuts of 2017. The organisation said local councils stretch their respective budgets to provide the standard of care young children need in their respective areas.

It continues to raise awareness about 850,000 children in the United Kingdom, where only one in four receive the proper care they need. With every donation they receive, they contribute to research focusing on aiding the education of children above five years old, providing a space in the UK for physically and mentally-disabled children and their families and identifying signs of abuse and trafficking children suffer especially from their families.

Fostering and Adoption

Action for Children acts to raise awareness about the many children who have been abandoned or abused by their families and their need a loving and caring home. With its efforts, it has encouraged many kindhearted individuals in the UK to become foster carers for these children who have undergone unspeakable struggles in their early life.

These foster carers receive fees and allowances as one form of support from Action for Children. Because foster care can feel different from being an actual parent, the organisation also provides training and guidance for would-be foster carers. To ensure the children and carers live harmoniously in a happy home, the organisation interviews and carefully matches the personalities of both.

Intervention for Children at Risk

Action for Children believes that the simple donation of money to an impoverished family or a child living on the streets is not enough to raise them from their situation. The organisation’s sponsored research focus on improving well-intentioned acts to ensure the help it provides helps truly remove the troubled parties from their current plight and into a better state.

The organisation focuses on intervening for children at risk of abuse, trafficking, or being stuck in poverty by understanding their current psychological, emotional, and social state. This allows them to interact with the children and provide them with the correct tools to help them have a better future.

How to Get Involved

Adopt a Child

If you are qualified for Action for Children’s foster care requirements, and you are willing to spend time nurturing, developing, and improving the life of a child who had faced countless struggles in their lifetime, then consider adopting them.

It is not the easiest choice for anyone. However, if you or if you and your partner would like to introduce change and donate positivity in the best way to the world, then adopting a child is the right path to take.

Create a Fundraising Event

If you have any great fundraising ideas for events, then sharing them with the organisation helps make them a reality. Action for Children always holds marathons, bake sales, and has a gift shop where the funding goes directly to their volunteer efforts.

Aside from fundraising, you can leave a legacy to the charity or make a simple donation. Every small act of good are seeds that can improve the life of a child under their care.

Corporate Partnerships and Volunteering 

If you’re a business owner, consider having a sponsored partnership with Act for Children. It could be financial support, but it can also be creating workshops for children to learn the craft that can land them a living in your respective industry. Even as a non-corporate professional, you can volunteer to offer your knowledge to aid disadvantaged children and give them a better chance to succeed.

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