Who are the british heart foundation?

The British Heart Foundation is the United Kingdom’s biggest organisations which fund research focused on cardiovascular research. The data and results gathered from their sponsored activities, which involve pioneering and groundbreaking work has helped transform the lives of many heart and circulatory-system related disease recover and improve their life.

The BHF intends to have a world where people suffering from heart conditions can live better lives. Their research also extends to helping people prolong their cardiovascular and heart health, which includes better ways to ensure the survival of the circulatory system and its organs through preventative and cure-oriented measures.


The British Heart Foundation was founded in 1961. A group of concerned medical professionals focused on groundbreaking cardiovascular research needed funding and organised the British Heart Foundation. They introduced the preliminary ideas of understanding the causes of heart disease, identifying the symptoms of a possible cardiovascular failure, and the treatment thereof.

The preliminary ideas have branched further into creating preventative measures that contribute greatly to the betterment of the heart and its associated organs. The organisation was incorporated in the same year it was established and is an official charity registered in England and Wales.

Roles and Contributions

The BHF has a 14-trustee board wherein all members are qualified medical professionals involved in cardiovascular treatment and research. These trustees take responsibility for the actions taken by the BHF.

The charity organisation also focuses on transparency so that each donator, from concerned individuals providing a small contribution to corporate partnerships, knows where the organisation uses their funding. BHF has its own annual review performed by accountants to ensure each grant and donation received has been used to further its goal of vastly improving its knowledge, research, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Saving Lives Through Research

As of 2018, the BHF has saved plenty of lives through extensive research on the following areas:

  • Acute Coronary syndrome
  • Better treatment for heart attacks
  • Effect of nutrition on genes
  • Familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH)
  • Health inequalities
  • High blood pressure in the elderly
  • Statins

In August 2017, BHF has partnered with Tesco, Partnership, and Diabetes UK to raise awareness about better health and having a conscious drive to improve one’s quality of life through a proper and healthy diet.

Richard Elgar, a heart attack survivor, said BHF means a lot to him because their revolutionary research had helped him survive his ordeal that could have broken his family.

Preventative Measures To Avoid Cardiovascular Troubles

According to BHF’s research, about 1 in 7 men and 1 in 11 women die from coronary heart disease and takes 70,000 lives annually. Every day there are 190 people who die from CHD, and each case can vary from one to the other.

BHF’s research will allow medical professionals to respond promptly and hastily to aid and abet any preliminary signs of heart failure in the near future. New methods of preventing cardiac arrest and CHD such as cardiac rehabilitation, teaching life-saving skills to volunteers, and lobbying for a better and heart-friendly environment in the United Kingdom came to be thanks to the help of BHF.

How to Get Involved

Join Fundraising Events

BHF hosts marathons such as the London to Brighton bike runs during June of every year. Aside from biking, BHF also hosts running, waking, and “iron man” challenges that allow participants to be healthy and fit while contributing to the research and prevention of heart disease all over the world. Other fundraising events include a BHF-sponsored skydiving event and swimming triathlons.

Aside from sports, individuals who would like to support BHF can create bake sales, community activities, and contests that can be proposed to the organisation. All these activities will receive funding upon approval.

Donate Any Amount

You can see BHF’s collection kiosks and containers asking for less than £5 to help the cause. You can contribute any amount big or small. Imagine if millions of UK citizens did it, it could really help support a cause which matters.

The amounts you leave can also be a philanthropic donation, a legacy in your will and testament, or a personal financial sponsorship of an upcoming BHF event. Regardless of your choice, your donation will go to places and help the BHF improve the quality of life through better preventative practices and efficient heart treatments.

Volunteer for Any Endeavour

Lastly, if you have time to spare, you don’t need to spend a single dime. You can participate in BHF as a volunteer to help with their work. In fact, you can start your career in the foundation and further your professionalism while helping make the country a better place for anyone’s heart.

You can volunteer or start your permanent career as a retail operations and support manager, a marketing and engagement manager, or an IT professional to take care of BHF’s backend technologies.

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