Who are Cancer Research?

Cancer Research UK is a charity dedicated to defeating one of humanity’s long-standing foes: cancer. The disease has no discrimination in choosing victims. In 2013 alone, about 2,273,200 new cases of cancer had been diagnosed in the UK. The charity aims to improve the progress of cancer research and aid individuals afflicted with the disease through financial aid and access to experimental solutions.

Aside from raising awareness about cancer and helping those afflicted by the disease, Cancer Research UK also helps the UK government to provide proper funding and make policy-making decisions through informed and data-backed statements from the charity group’s medical and scientific research teams.


Cancer Research UK aims to spread the word on cancer and recruit the world’s top minds to help find ways to prevent and cure cancer cells developing inside the human body. The funding it receives powers its efforts to progress cancer prevention and cure knowledge, early diagnosis technologies, UK cancer patients’ access to new cancer-curing technologies such as radiotherapy and cancer drugs, and its policy-making efforts in the government.

Aside from its objectives, the charity upholds its values of transparency, accountability, and honesty. It ensures it will uphold standards in any activity it uses its collected money to create fundraising and awareness events.

Roles and Contributions

Cancer Research UK’s top-level staff are involved in the UK’s National Cancer Advisory Group (NCAG). The charity’s CEO, Harpal Kumar, is the independent chair of the NCAG. The Government body is responsible for advising and assessing the progress of the Achieving World-Class Cancer Outcomes government endeavour to fight against cancer in the United Kingdom.

Aside from assuming advisory roles, Cancer Research UK also fund scientists from the Francis Crick Institute, which had recently discovered more about immunotherapy’s efficiency in fighting against cancer cells.

The charity’s investment in a cancer-fighting drug, EPHOS B, has become notable in shrinking breast cancer cells. The treatment may also become a stand-alone process according to the research body’s newest report.

Evidence-Based Policy Formation and Lobbying

With several top members being part of the UK NCAG, policy formation in support of cancer prevention and cure research, backed by hard research, allows the charity to access more trials supported by better government policy that can help create a definite cure for cancer victims one day.

Cancer Research UK has already borne fruit being a part of the Achieving World-Class Cancer Outcomes initiative. The UK’s life-longevity programme aims to improve survival rates and save thousands of lives in the UK that fall victim to cancer annually. The initiative had begun in 2015 and the body will publish its results after 2020.

Pioneering Work in Cancer Cure Research

Cancer Research UK’s national campaign efforts in conjunction with the government allows it to strongly support new projects and proposals to provide possible cancer cures and prevention treatments.

Some of these projects include the discovery of a new type of brain tumour chemotherapy can safely and completely destroy. Latest reports from Cancer Research UK’s researchers also show results of radiotherapy clinical trials that enable prostate cancer victims to reduce hospital trips and expenses while delivering effective treatment to fight the victims’ prostate cancer. In fact, the charity’s supported researchers in Cambridge had uncovered the biological situation that brings about the higher risk of cancer.

How To Get Involved

Aside from using WillDiffer’s services to extend your support for Cancer Research UK, you can perform direct actions without using the platform to fund the charity’s projects. Here are three of them.


On Cancer Research UK’s website, you can donate as little as £2 for the cause. This amount is huge enough especially if hundreds of thousands of UK citizens donate the same amount. Meanwhile, you can also volunteer and become a supporter of the charity’s cause against cancer by working in its local charity shops for just two hours a week.

You can also volunteer to help create, promote, or participate in an event sponsored by Cancer Research UK. Having fun while helping is one of the best feelings in the world.

Self-Made Fundraising

Speaking of creating events, you can create your own fundraising event to raise money for the cause. In fact, the charity has several compelling ideas that you can try for yourself.

Bake sales are usually the best and tastiest way to raise funds. Dedicating a portion of your profits to charity is one of the most novel things any business owner can do.

Hair shaving either the scalp or from beard helps raise awareness about cancer. About 98% of cancer victims lose their hair after undergoing chemotherapy. People who bid on shaving hair are not just funding the fun of it, but also the cancer cure research humanity truly needs.

Become a Partner

Lastly, if you’re a small, medium, or multinational business, you can become a partner of Cancer Research UK. Many UK businesses have already partnered with the charity, such as Nivea Sun, Scottish Power, and retail chain Tesco.

Partnerships allow business to create fundraising efforts by creating staff events that raise awareness for the cause, event sponsorships, and marketing partnerships.

Raise Money With Willdiffer

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