Methodist Reform Church Minister William and his wife Catherine Booth created the Salvation Army in 1865 to help the poor and needy while following the structure of a military organisation. In two decades, its work in Britain and its surrounding areas expanded into Australia, Ireland, and the United States by 1880.

The charity organization had always worked closely with society’s lowest to convert and transform them into better humans through Christian belief, encouragement, and material aid. It opposed the consumption of alcohol and drugs.

Today, the organisation fights against modern adult and child slavery and the elderly and disabled’s rights to better living conditions.

Mission Vision

Church Minister William Booth and his wife Catherine had seen the cities of Britain scattered with diseased, confused, and addicted individuals. In 1865, human rights was a foreign concept, but the Methodist church’s values on forgiveness and inclusion urged William Booth to volunteer and help the poor and needy in his country.

The official Mission statement of The Salvation Army writes that each member is called to be the disciple of Jesus Christ to save souls, grow saints, and serve the suffering in the world. Governed by its religious doctrines, it works to provide aid and volunteer for the wellbeing of mankind for the glory of God.

Roles and Contributions

The Salvation Army has played big roles in history. Aside from giving society’s “undesirables,” including alcoholics, drunks, and prostitutes, a new lease at life, they also created efforts to provide aid to the sufferers of 1900’s Galveston Hurricane and the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. They called on people to provide relief for their own brethren who had suffered major catastrophes.

During the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York, the charitable organisation responded quickly with the American National Red Cross and other groups to provide rescue efforts and aid for the victims.

Today, the charity organisation is found in 127 countries. It is one of the world’s largest aid providers for social aid and charitable works.

Your Prayers Create Contributions and Actions

True to its Christian foundations, it calls on people to pray with them in case they cannot provide a donation. In fact, the Army has a Prayer Network which specialises in educating and equipping local churches and individuals to pray and give strength to communities weakened by poverty and natural disasters.

Meanwhile, single donations are always appreciated. Putting on a free show using your musical talent is an alternative to prayer and donation. By creating consciousness about its efforts, the charity organisation receives the right attention to generate more donations to help communities in need through its efforts.

The Army of Goodwill Deliverers

The Salvation Army began its work by helping society’s most needful and afflicted. From households and individuals without food, water, and shelter, to addicted and abused individuals in need of shelter and care, The Salvation Army has always thought about the plight of other individuals before its own interests.

As proof of its goodwill, it has always been the first to respond to worldwide disasters and conflicts. It also provides the largest material aid to communities and individuals in need of their help. With belief in God and the betterment of the world, The Salvation Army continues to extend its efforts.

How to Get Involved

Join a Fundraiser

The Salvation Army hosts different physical activities per year. The most special of them all is the Three Peaks Challenge. A huge part of the participants’ fees will go to The Salvation Army’s efforts. The hike will cover 26 miles of road and 3,400 meters of mountain height in less than two days. The aim of this activity is to test the physical and mental endurance of participants while enjoying the natural beauty of Scotland, England, and Wales’ mountain views.

Make a Single Donation

By making a single £10 donation, you have already funded hundreds of volunteers and thousands of charitable efforts worldwide. If a hundred more donates the same amount, then you have helped The Salvation Army deliver its charitable work in areas that need it around the world. A one-off or recurring donation of the same amount definitely creates a difference.

Create Proposed Events

If you have an amazing idea for a fundraiser, such as a local music or food festival, or involving your corporate activities to raise funding for The Salvation Army, you can get in touch with the organisation through its website. Once your idea is approved, you can receive funding and advice from the charity’s managers who can help you make your event bloom.

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