Free fundraising for UK Charities. Free now and forever more.

We are here to make fundraising easier for charities,
so they can concentrate on helping others

What is Change4Charities

Change4Charities is utilities price comparison site which donates at least half of everything we earn to charities.

Our process is simple, we get paid by a supplier when a customer decides to switch them. We then half this money and donate it to the customers chosen charity.

The process is completely free, both to the customer(fundraiser) and to the charity. We will never ask you to pay us a penny.

We are on a mission to provide consistent, long term funding to all UK Charities so they can concentrate on improving our world.

Join the logical revolution and start raising money for your charity today.

Completely free

We will never take a penny from you or your supporters

Unique join page

A personalised page so your supporters can find and raise for you easily

Marketing tools

Marketing tools help you increase your fundraising efforts


Find out how many supporters,sales and donations are coming your way

Who can use Change4Charities

Any UK cause which needs to raise fund.We welcome nurseries, schools, sport clubs, community groups, local support groups and of charities.We are also happy to support overseas aid groups, as long as they are UK based.

All causes are important, we are happy to help every individual cause to do their bit.

Some of the great Charities we Support


Ensure all animals have safe and happy lives.

Macmillan Support

The people here for everyone affected by cancer.

Save the Children

Fighting for better lives for children, everywhere.

Cancer Research

Cancer research develop strategies for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Cancer.


First, our customers sign up on Change4Charities for free. They will choose one or more charities that they would like to support using our platform tool.

Every time our customers switches their utilities plan using our platform, their new provider sends us a referral fee under an agreed affiliate program with the supplier.

a customer chooses your charity, we will then donate 50% or more to you, and keep the rest for our operational costs.

Our model ensures that your charity doesn’t have to pay a single penny to receive donations, and you get to keep 100% of the donations you receive.

Nothing. All funds come from the commission that is paid for by the service providers, no one else. We do not want to charge Charities to work with them.

We give away at least 50% of all the fees we received from providers to our charity partners.

Any UK registered charity is welcomed to join Change4Charities.

Please get in touch with us, and we will add you to our list of charity partners. You can see our list of charities and register a new charity here.

Not at the moment. may be able to support your cause, but strictly on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch with us to request a review from the Change4Charities team.

When your Charity is registered, you can upload your bank details using the dashboard, and Change4Charites will use these details to make payments.

We will do everything we can to make sure all donations reach the charities as soon as possible.

However, we do have to wait for the service providers to pay us before we can make the payment, so in some situations, there may be a delay before the payment is made.

You can view the status of every single donation from your account page.

Within your Charity dashboard, you will find our free marketing content, such as logos, ready-made copy, video clips, and display banners.

Feel free to use our content for your promotional materials, such as social media posts, videos, email newsletters or advertising campaigns too.

Change4Charities is always open for collaborations with charity organisations. If you wish to work more closely with us, please get in touch here.

We can only send out emails to your supporters only if they have given us permission to do so.

At Change4Charities we safeguard both our customers and our partners’ data.

All our charity data comes from The Charity Commission, a public database that details all UK-registered charities.

We only hold on to data that is available from the Charity Commission, unless your charity has given us with additional or alternative contacts.

We only use your data as a contact list to inform charities of any new services or benefits that are available to help them raise more donations.

Change4Charities only contacts personnel who have expressly authorised us to do so.